Saturday, October 21, 2006


I finally got organised and booked Bethany into gymnastics for this term. She's been wanting to do it since last school holidays. The first session was yesterday (Friday) at 4.30pm. She was already pretty tired from being back at school, so it was always going to be a big ask to make it through a new class as well. She did okay though. When we got there, I noticed there were a couple of kids who looked a whole lot younger than 5 (the class was meant to be for 5-9 year olds). I asked the lead instructor and she said the littlies had done kindergym and were there to try out to see how they went with the real stuff. She said if Hannah could listen and follow instructions she could join in too. Of course Hannah was extremely pleased with that. Sophie had stayed home with Paul and Ryan, so that left just me on the sidelines to relax and watch (and giggle). [Side note: Sophie was asleep when we left at 4pm, and didn't wake until 9pm, just to feed and back to sleep. She's been pretty sick with gastro, the vomiting has stopped and she's moved onto diarrhoea, apparently this hangs about for a week or so.] The girls did great at gymnastics; the leader split them up into three groups by age, so Beth and Hannah were in the same group. They got to use the tramp, balancing beam and mat. The all time best effort was watching them try to walk backwards doing backwards high kicks. Absolutely classic (try doing it yourself, it's not even that easy for an adult). Oh, and Hannah's jeans falling down as she jumped along the trampoline, but still holding her hands up high in the air as instructed. At the end, they said Hannah did great and could join in. She was rapt. Bethany said she didn't want her to as she was annoying, but that was definitely not the case. I did feel a bit bad for Bethany as it would have been nice for her to have an activity that was just hers, and I suspect Hannah will be better at it as well, but perhaps we'll find another activity for Bethany later.
They get a t-shirt with Starplex Gymnastics on it as well so they are pretty pleased with that. Next week I'll try and remember to take my camera.

I did my own version of gymnastics today too, when Nicole and I attended Jacki's yoga class. Jacki is being assessed as a yoga instructor so needed to put together a class to teach. It was good fun, very enjoyable. I thought she was very competent. Raff had all the kids as Paul was at work. As we left, he was trailing them all outside with plastic bags to participate in the fun activity 'getting all the dog poo off the back lawn'.

Oh, have to shout out to Google and my ads on this blog. I think I earn a cent or something every time someone clicks on one of the ads. Since you don't get any money until you have $100 in your account, I think I'll be waiting a long time. Not even allowed to click on your own ads, darn it. :)


Adam and Eva said...

Gee I wish we could join in in such a fantastic game (pick up the poo), I think they need to play it a little more over here. Wish we could have watched the gymnastics, would have been great.

Nana Gabe said...

rufus was toilet trained before we left. What has happened?
Cannot wait to see the girls doing gymnastics