Sunday, October 29, 2006

Full house

Yesterday we had Ella and Charlotte over to play for the whole day, so Nicole and Raff could get ready for their inspection today. Of course they were no trouble at all, and everyone had lots of fun. I don't think we had any arguments at all. The injury count was way down too. One stubbed toe (Ella), one bumped head (Charlotte), one bitten finger (Ella - Bethany was biting her finger to make sure she wasn't dreaming (?!), and did it way too hard). Luckily Ella decided that auntie cuddles were just as good as mummy cuddles (but not better! can you believe it?).
The bigger girls took responsibility for the younger ones, with Ella and Hannah making sure Charlotte knew where the toilet was. They took her in, moved the stool into place, put her toilet insert on the toilet, helped her up, kept her company on there, and Hannah even wiped her afterwards! (then washed her hands of course). So funny. Ella slept over as well (Charlotte probably could have, she went down for a sleep in the afternoon very easily and probably would have at night as well). We had a little midnight drama, as I'd promised Hannah that when Bethany was asleep I'd move her (we'd had some sleeping position dramas). So Hannah came in to me at 11.30 saying I had to move Bethany, which I did. Bethany was sharing with Ella and had just about pushed her off the bed. Of course she woke up when I moved her, very grumpy saying she would move back, so we had a middle of the night argument about that. Then Ella woke up and started crying for her mum. No amount of cousins would make her happy, so she ended up coming into bed with me, where she promptly fell back asleep. Some time later, Bethany also wandered in to join us, sleeping at the bottom of the bed. To complete the trifecta, Hannah came in about 5.30. Then of course it was Sophie's turn. So it was a cosy full bed for a while there.
1. Hannah at gymnastics
2. Bethany at gymnastics
3. Ryan in tae kwon do uniform
4. Hannah and Ella helping Charlotte on the toilet

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Nana Gabe said...

who are those big kids in the photos. sounds like you are having fun.Helping each other out as well.